The Dan and Dya from Dandya

Hi there guys, we believe it's time to meet the faces of Dandya, the loving couple who is crafting beautiful stuff for you to use.

So we form a couple in love and design, if we may say so :). Couple of weeks ago we came with the idea of creating our own products hoping we could make a living from it.

So ladies first..

Dya comes from Diana. I love to create minimalist and stylish designs and I am a dog lover. I ended up in the web design industry due to my boyfriend. Dan was the one who planted the passion for web design. Before I was working as a legal advisor and I haven't turned back since. Dan was my mentor and I must say it was a very beautiful journey. I just love what I am doing and I am so happy about it!

So now we go to Dan..

Dan is the other half of the Dandya. He comes with great experience and great skills. He has been in this industry for over 8 years. We share this passion for design and we are determined to do awesome things. We are very determined to create something beautiful and unique together, hopefully we will be able to dedicate our full-time to this project.

So now that you got to know us a bit, you can put a face to the name and we hope we can create a friendly relationship with you guys. So stay tuned for the freebies to come, because we know you love freebies :), but also don't forget about the high-quality products that will be available soon!