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Posted by Dan Luparu on

Recently (more like a week ago) we started a shop on Creative Market to sell one of our bundle products, Shapeshifter PSD Landing page BUNDLE.

The process of creating an account and getting accepted

This was the easy part, if you have a solid portfolio of work that could show some potential to the guys over at Creative Market, you will be approved rather quick. For us, this process has taken about a day before getting the email that we are now the proud owners of a shop on CM!

Our portfolio is nothing special but we had taken care only to include some of our better work; so no bugging client work that made you change the logo 20+ times just to end up with something ugly that they loved!

Now the juicy stuff, the stats

Well, nothing much to say here other than the product launch was rather underwhelming... To this day, we have about 7 views and 0 sales. We did however get a couple of likes but as we all know, that won't put food on the table and unfortunately won't even bring more attention to our products.

In my personal opinion, Creative Market favors shops that are established, have a decent following and can funnel sales mostly on their own. The "most recent" category is rather obscured and you have to filter the list manually. Initially when you click on the specific category we submitted to, you get to see the "popular" entries, like most marketplaces do. This process however, is favored towards the type of shops I mentioned above.

These results are to be expected however, since we're at the start of our product oriented careers, we basically have 0 following as of yet. Hopefully in the future, once we get going with this website, social media promotions, things will get better, and hopefully a little bit easier!

So for any aspiring shop owner on Creative Market, we wish you good luck and brace yourself for some hurt when you realize your products will not instantly explode in popularity unless you really have that juicy backing form your followers and subscribers. We just have to have amazing tenacity and patience, and hope for the best.

If you have an experience with Creative Market, we'd love to hear from you, maybe give us some tips? Come on, we can help each other, we're sure of that :)


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