10 Great Free Fonts For The Modern 2018 Website

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Fonts are what drive a visitor to explore your website and help an artist guide the consumer eye. Nowadays it's important to make a very good first impression, and what better way is there to do that than with a modern/hip typeface?

Check out the list below which showcases some of the best fonts in 2018.


Vhiena is a very artistic font, focused on the Vintage type. It's been inspired by the old labels and bottles of whiskey. Great for retro websites or classy labels.



borg font

Borg is a nice geometric font that gives a very modern vibe while staying completely friendly. Use this for large headlines to get attention and offer an inviting welcome.


Spirited Font Set

This lovely, hand-drawn typeface is a collection of 6 friendly fonts that you can use on your projects. Perfect for hand-made type shops or outdoorsy websites, it will definitely come in handy.



bukhari font

Bukhari a stylistic heavy font suitable for large headers. Perfect for large areas like headers, T-shirts or even logos. Also offers an old vibe and it makes me think of the beach for odd reason.



If you want to stand out, or you're the more artsy type, go with this awesome font that blends hieroglyphs and modern sans-serif type to create a very personalized typeface.


Kelson Sans

Very modern and crisp font aimed especially to tech websites/artworks. Clean and easily discernible letters make this perfect for business websites.



makhina font

Modern and bold font with unique caveats that give it extra personality. Suitable for large headers and more towards the business area of web design



nocturne font

Nocturne is a beautiful script font that looks absolutely gorgeous as a large header. Extremely friendly and inviting, this is a good font to use on projects in the restaurant/food organic sphere of websites.



noelan font

Noelan is a great calligraphy typeface that looks great especially on e-commerce or fashion stores. Premium level font for free right here!


Marchell Script

marchell script font

Classic vintage font that will bring out the elegance of your website/project with no effort. Suitable for classic or retro projects.

And that concludes our list for today. Thank you for reading this post and if you are the creator of a nice free font, feel free to tell us in the comments below and we'll include your font in a future post!


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